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Bekki Bjarnoll’s free pattern for the simple crocheted Hanging Basket.  Instructions available in English and Norwegian.

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And yet these dorks are STILL not dating. -facepalm-

-cries- Three days of constant drawing - worth it! I want to thank Lownly for writing one of the best fanfic of all time. Like A Drum continuously makes me happy, laugh and love these dorks even more. All the best on the upcoming chapter Lownly, but take your time and no pressure alright! This is for you!

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When was the last time I did a fanfic fanart? Well, since lots few of you guys asked for some LAD; My Beating Heart scenes, now would probably the time to start again. It was fun honestly!

Also Jean is and looks ridiculous. -snort-


And because I did nothing for Jean’s birthday -shieldself- Let’s just assume that I drew Nico for him and his birthday this time. -sweat excessively- 

Captions on each images! 


Cologne, Germany (by Alexander Stoffel)


It wasn’t rare for women to join men in hunting, during the Middle Ages. They would use a bow and arrow, as seen here, or wield cudgels, for clubbing small game. 




1. the act of enticing by soft words; enticement.

2. gaining affection by caressing.

Etymology: from Latin suppalpari, “to caress a little”; sub, “under, a little” + palpare, “to caress”.

[John William Waterhouse]


Sudan: Meroe Pyramids

Meroe was a wealthy metropolis of the ancient kingdom of Kush in what is today the Republic of Sudan. The city was located at the crossroads of major trade routes and it flourished from 800 BCE to 350 CE. As no one yet has been able to decipher the Meroitic script, very little can be said for certain on how Meroe grew to become the wonderous city written about by Herodotus in circa 430 BCE, but it is known that the city was so famous for its wealth in ancient times that the Persian King Cambyses mounted an expedition to capture it (the expedition faltered long before reaching the city owing to the difficult and inhospitable terrain of the desert). The city was also known as the Island of Meroe as the waters flowing around it made it appear so.”

For more information on in the Kingdom of Meroe and its famous queen, Candace Amanitore click here

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pledge allegiance, motherfuckers.

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